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Home of the Handcrafted, All-Natural, Artisanal Dog Treat - Made in the USA

South Fork Pet Company began in 2015 with the idea of creating a better dog treat—one made with all-natural local ingredients that would be free of grains, chemicals, artificial flavor, coloring and preservatives, but full of irresistible flavors that taste great even to the most fickle of dogs. 

Today, our ingredients continue to be sourced right here in the U.S. The meats that we use are selected by a certified butcher, the cod skins are repurposed from local fishmongers, and the vegetables, fruits, and herbs come from suppliers within a 60-mile radius. All of our products continue to be prepared by hand in our custom kitchen facility, not in a factory or by co-packers, which is another reason why we confidently stand by our quality, and why each of our treats has its own unique shape and texture—no two are ever the same. Each batch is then hand packed in food-grade laminate bags that help keep our treats fresher for longer.

Plus, we take our time trying out different flavor combinations and prep methods until we reach the perfect combination of taste and texture. Just to be sure, our panel of discriminating taste testers has the final word. Their reaction—jumping, barking, and begging for more—tells us all we need to know.

South Fork offers two lines of dog treats:

Limited-Ingredient “Crisps” 

Chicken with Sweet Potato, Apple & Parsley

Turkey with Carrot, Apple & Kale

Beef with Carrot, Apple & Spinach

Cod Skin Crunch

Liver with Sweet Potato, Apple & Chia Seeds.

Single-Ingredient “Wild Ones”

Our new protein chews and bites, including Chicken, Lamb Heart, and Turkey Grinders, have the 100% pure protein that dogs crave. Exclusively at 

 Better treats for your dog and good dogs everywhere.

Our treats continue to be handmade in small batches in the beautiful hamlet of Amagansett on the South Fork of Long Island, NY.